MILcea Gloves / Mittens Power Stretch


ADAPTABLE – The warm mitten cover is easy to remove and cover just as easily. You can stow the mitten cover in the pocket on the back of the product to easily take pictures, send text messages, or monitor your exercise app.



UPC: 095225260131
MILcea’s high-performance, stretchy women’s gloves, which can easily be turned into mittens, are the perfect companions for year-round runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

You can easily remove the cuddly mitten cover and cover it just as easily in case you get cold. If you get too hot or need your fingers while running, you can stow the mitten cover in the pocket on the back of the product. The thumb cover can also be folded back and is held by a magnet, so it does not bother you while running.

This lightweight glove also has an extended wrist guard that fits under a jacket or sweatshirt sleeve. The fluffy inside feels soft on the skin and keeps your hands comfortably warm. Please note, however, that this product is suitable for athletic activities, but that it does not adequately protect you in extreme cold.

The mittens are equipped with reflective stripes on both backs of the hands so that they are well visible even in low light conditions. The finger gloves allow you to use your smartphone without difficulty – whether you want to send a text message, take a selfie or make your music louder or softer. The thumb, forefinger and middle finger even have circular silicone grips to help keep your cell phone or camera in place. The gloves are therefore an excellent choice for photographers who need both optimal dexterity and protection from the cold. Thanks to all these excellent features, you can always rely on the ladies’ gloves from Trailheads in winter.


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